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Forestry & Agriculture Compliance Software

Showcase exceptional environmental stewardship, land use management and statutory compliance with CS-VUE.

As food and resource demand increases globally, agriculture and forestry operators are under fierce scrutiny of the environmental impact of their activities. CS-VUE is a compliance software platform for agriculture operators, forestry organisations and service providers to generate a comprehensive database of relevant consents and environmental data, decrease compliance costs and build workflow models for risk management and sustainable growth.

CS-VUE enables operators to:

  • Track and manage statutory and regulatory obligations for forestry and agriculture, via automated sensor data feeds, user data and manual updates, across any number of sites and locations.
  • Understand in-depth how the natural environment is being impacted by their operations, and generate a track record of environmental legal compliance and stewardship.
  • Coalesce data that can support decision-making and provide detailed track records to support future resource allocation, investment and expansion.

In a compliance management market crowded with EMS software products that are either too broad or too niche, CS-VUE offers the ideal solution. We have developed a very robust, wide-scope platform with extensive customisability options to suit the unique compliance and risk management needs of each forestry or agriculuture organisation.

A farm manager checking the compliance status of the soil quality using CS-VUE’s software.

Horticulture and agriculture compliance management

If you are managing a corporate farming, enterprise agriculture or large-scale horticulture operation, CS-VUE will be integral to proving your environmental performance and monitoring your land use consents. Even with the complexities of each New Zealand’s ever-changing resource management regulations, compliance doesn’t have to be complicated with our robust software platform.

CS-VUE manages and controls compliance monitoring.

Forestry compliance management

Corporate and large-scale forestry operations face a large amount of regulatory burden, but they will also play significant roles in helping each nation meet its emissions reduction and environmental impact goals. Accurate environmental reporting and proving legal compliance to regulators and local communities is crucial for maintaining both your statutory and social licences to operate.

Forestry and Agriculture Compliance Software Features

Our forestry & agriculture compliance software coalesces data from your environmental sensors, data feeds and your own customised internal processes to deliver compliance reports down to minute details, or with wide-scope overviews for project management and executive decision-making.

Sensor integration – natural environment

CS-VUE can integrate with most types and brands of digital sensors to deliver accurate data on phosphate, nitrogen and water content of soil, erosion and sediment control, wastewater and effluent discharge quality, turbidity and volume, seasonal water take and meteorological event information.

Sensor integration – operations monitoring

Integrate data feeds to monitor vehicle movements, road construction and compliance, carbon emissions, harvest process and riparian management, shed operations, stock density, animal welfare and export controls along with incident reporting and close-out.

Access on-location

CS-VUE is a cloud-based compliance software, which means you can access the platform from anywhere. If you are out on site, you are still able to access and record data in real-time.

Long-term overviews and short-term action points

CS-VUE allows you to analyse both the big picture and the minute details for effective consent management and environmental performance reporting, no matter how complex the operation.


Explore the industry-specific applications of CS-VUE compliance software. Our sensor integration, data feed automation and extensive compliance monitoring capabilities can streamline the processes of almost any organisation.

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