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Join us at the forefront of compliance and risk management.

Streamline your data and ensure exemplary levels of compliance on a sophisticated platform.

World-class governance, risk and environmental
monitoring technology

CS-VUE provides a superior solution to the complexities of environmental monitoring and analysing Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) metrics.

Our highly specialised team of engineers, developers and compliance experts have spent two decades designing and refining this cloud-based software to alleviate the burden of risk management and compliance across multiple industries, globally.


Explore the industry-specific applications of CS-VUE. Our sensor integration, data feed automation and extensive compliance monitoring capabilities can streamline the processes of almost any organisation.

Agriculture | Forestry
Marine | Aquaculture
Energy | Infrastructure
Construction | Engineering
Telco | ICT | Finance
Government | Regulatory
Transport | Logistics
Industrial | Extractives

Become an Industry Leader

CS-VUE improves your resource consent management workflow while monitoring all of your compliance risks.

With CS-VUE, you can showcase yourself as an industry leader by not only using an innovative, game-changing platform, but by running the risk management component of your organisation as efficiently as possible.

Our platform coalesces data from your environmental sensors, data feeds and your own customised internal processes to deliver compliance reports down to minute details, or with wide-scope overviews for project management and executive decision-making.

Most environmental management software does not extend beyond the realms of environmental compliance. CS-VUE enables you to see the big picture, with all types of GRC risk assessment, consents, environmental management plans and farm plan data pertaining to your company on one dynamic platform.

We deliver both the ‘big picture’ and industry-specific insights.

In a compliance management market crowded with products that are either too broad or too niche, CS-VUE offers the ideal solution. We have diligently developed a very robust, wide-scope platform with extensive customisability options to suit the unique compliance needs of each organisation.

Robust integration features

Technology, legislation and business landscapes are constantly changing. CS-VUE is compatible with almost any digital and environmental sensors, and we are the only one of the only platforms offering effective IoT data feed integration and contractor management. This makes CS-VUE the best choice for councils and large organisations looking to integrate with a wide range of service providers.

Improved regulatory and stakeholder relationships

If you need to prove your risk mitigation and compliance efforts to regulators, directors or the public, CS-VUE generates user-friendly reports that clearly identify the steps you have taken to maintain your legal and social licence to operate, and enables you to build an exemplary track record of compliance.

Exceptional customer service

Our technology is built to be intuitive and user-friendly, to truly take the confusion out of compliance for our partner organisations. Whenever guidance is needed, however, there is a CS-VUE expert on the other end of the phone to provide real-time support.

Compliance Monitoring is Crucial

  • There are significant financial and legal consequences for oversight in compliance and risk management.
  • Regulatory requirements are constantly increasing and evolving.
  • Industry is held more publicly accountable than ever.

Become the benchmark in your sector,
not a cautionary tale.


CS-VUE delivers exceptional risk and compliance monitoring and analysis functionality across a wide range of industries and locations.
Online consent database
Real-time compliance monitoring
Obligation alerting system
Create a clear hierarchy of user responsibilities
Obligation alerting system
Increased transparency, internally and publicly
Decreased legal and financial risk
Organisational knowledge retention through improved staff handover management
Option for unlimited users and data storage; the platform grows with your organisation
Decreased compliance costs through efficient software processes
Customisable to the unique processes and structures of each organisation and niche industry
Effective alert systems; never miss a key compliance deadline
Enables leadership to make informed decisions around environmental performance
Data can be accessed by authorised users from any location, any time
Enables leadership to make informed decisions around environmental performance
Cloud based software; no hardware or installation issues

Simplify and Streamline Complex Sensor Data

Sensor integration is one of the highest-value capabilities of the CS-VUE platform.

Our clients are reaping the benefits of automated data feeds directly from their environmental sensors to a software that can track, measure and provide extensive insights.

Environmental sensors streamline the monitoring your compliance performance. Sensors are cost-efficient and reduce labour hours while providing constant, real-time data to ensure that your organisation is meeting its resource management obligations.

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