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About CS-VUE compliance software

The future of governance, risk and compliance

CS-VUE provides a superior solution to the complexities of monitoring and analysing Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) metrics.

We have spent two decades designing and refining this cloud-based software to alleviate the burden of risk management and compliance across multiple industries, globally.

Using key compliance indicators and digital sensor integration, we deliver a process that eliminates the myriad of spreadsheets, folders and documents used to monitor and manage the risk status of your organisation. Instead, our best practice tools are available on a centralised, secure database, accessible whenever and wherever you need them.

Our expertise sets the industry benchmark

Our developers come from a wide range of consulting and planning backgrounds in order to fully inform and test the user applications of CS-VUE. The software has fully customisable functionality to meet the unique real-world demands of each of our clients.

Compliance monitoring software platform | CS-VUE
Compliance monitoring software platform | CS-VUE

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

We are proud to offer a sophisticated yet simple product that empowers Compliance Managers, Risk Managers and key decision-makers to make informed governance and resource management decisions.

CS-VUE enables your organisation to reap the benefits of higher levels of compliance and reduced risk on one robust platform.


Compliance monitoring is crucial.

With our world-class technology, our clients are able to make intelligent, informed decisions that mitigate risk, set higher standards for corporate and governmental responsibility and transparency, and better their organisation as a whole.

There are massive financial and legal consequences for oversight in compliance and risk management

Recent cases in New Zealand have seen small companies fined over $100,000 and some larger companies over $500,000 for breaches of environmental and building codes. High-profile UK businesses have faced similar fines, and Australian regional councils have been held to account in court for failure to comply with environmental legislation. The cost of non-compliance is simply not worth it, wherever your organisation is based.

Regulatory burden and public scrutiny are constantly increasing and evolving

Legislative overhauls are always occurring across resource management and financial management. Doing what you have always done may have recently become illegal. So, constant monitoring of both governmental policy changes and your own business activities is imperative to ensure that you remain compliant. The public reputation of your organisation can also disintegrate over preventable resource management incidents. Conversely, companies who showcase diligent and comprehensive approaches to compliance, risk and safety will reap the benefits of positioning themselves as responsible corporate citizens.

CS-VUE improves your workflow while managing all of your compliance risks

With CS-VUE, you can showcase yourself as an industry leader by not only using world-class, innovative software, but by running the risk management component of your organisation as efficiently as possible.
Most environmental management software does not extend beyond the realms of environmental compliance. CS-VUE enables you to see the big picture; you can streamline all types of GRC risk assessment and consent data pertaining to your company on one dynamic platform.

Contemporary integration features

We understand that technology, legislation and business landscapes are constantly changing. CS-VUE is compatible with an array of digital sensors, and we are one of the only platforms offering effective IoT data integration and contractor management. This makes us the go-to choice for councils and large organisations looking to integrate with a wide range of service providers.

We do not compromise between the ‘big picture’ and industry-specific compliance insights

In a compliance software market crowded with products that are either too broad or too niche, CS-VUE offers the ideal solution. We have diligently developed a very robust, wide-scope platform with extensive customisability options to suit the unique compliance needs of each organisation.

Outstanding customer service

Our entire system is built to be intuitive and user-friendly, to truly take the confusion out of compliance for our partner organisations. We aim to provide a consistently exceptional customer experience. However, if you need a little guidance with our software, there’s a CS-VUE expert or integration partner on the other end of the phone to talk you through any queries.

Data-driven SaaS features

Industry-specific customisation

The CS-VUE platform can be integrated with the unique processes and structures of each organisation, industry, country or region.

Access data feeds in real-time

Digital sensor data, consent information and internal process monitoring can be accessed by authorised users from any location, any time.

Unlimited capacity

Our cloud based technology eliminates hardware and installation issues. We can host unlimited users and data; the software grows with your organisation.

Organisational knowledge retention

CS-VUE coalesces all compliance and risk data in one place, lessening the chance of oversight and improving staff handover management.

Decreased costs, increased transparency

Our efficient software processes will decrease your compliance costs, mitigate legal and financial risk and easily prove compliance to regulators and the public.

Enables informed decision-making

By integrating all of your GRC metrics into one robust platform, risk managers and advisory boards can understand your environmental and compliance performance in depth, which enables effective planning for the future.

Global compliance software integration partners

CS-VUE is a truly global cloud-based SaaS platform with the capability to analyse data against every nation’s statutory and regulatory compliance conditions. To ensure seamless product implementation, we partner with reputable consultants in your local area. Our consultants are highly trained in the integration and use cases of CS-VUE. So, you will enjoy wraparound support throughout the setup process and on an ongoing basis.