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Marine & Aquaculture Compliance Software

Aquaculture operators face complex marine impact obligations.

Regardless of where they are based, every organisation operating in a marine environment is answerable to some form of environmental protection legislation. Regulatory burden on these companies will continue to increase as each nation responds to the effects of intensified human development.

Large-scale commercial marine enterprise is a major growth industry undergoing rapid policy change worldwide to mitigate harm to coastal marine environments and fish health.

Aquaculture, near-shore and offshore fisheries, ports, oil rigs and infrastructure operators all engage in potentially harmful activities that could lead to overfishing, pollution or detriment to natural habitats. All operations should be closely monitored with environmental sensors and comprehensive analytics software to ensure that these organisations are not only compliant, but are able to gain insights into their sustainability, profitability and long-term impact.

Track various performance indicators.
Real-time compliance management.
Fully integrated with CS-VUE’s software.

Discharge sensors

It has become best practice to use discharge sensors for performance indicators such as flow rate, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH, temperature and meteorological events. Sensor data can be plugged directly into CS-VUE to provide a real-time compliance management programme across entire instructor networks from collection and treatment to disposal.

Waste compliance management.

Rigorous infrastructure and waste compliance management

Organisations involved in the discharge of treated stormwater or wastewater into marine environments are subject to heavy regulation – for good reason. There can be severe ramifications on public health and marine health if infrastructure providers breach legislation. It is crucial for these organisations to fully understand their compliance position in order to deliver safe service and retain public trust.


Marine-based companies must effectively monitor and manage compliance to maintain their licences to operate and to assure their customers and communities that they are non-harmful, sustainable producers. Within the CS-VUE customer base are several operators who integrate our software with marine environmental sensors to fully inform their compliance position.

Pollution and invasive species data

Integrate digital sensors to monitor key compliance performance indicators for invasive species mitigation and anti-fouling, ship compliance and hull management, seabed health, net cleaning, product quality and animal/plant health management.

Build an exemplary track record

If you are able to prove compliance across all of your GRC and environmental metrics, you are less likely to face barriers when you are looking to expand or modify your operation. Well-documented evidence of compliance will support any bids for resource use and help you maintain your legal and social licences to operate.

Construction monitoring

Building commercial marine infrastructure comes with a raft of compliance checks and complex environmental impact regulations. By integrating the relevant sensors and setting up your own internal process monitoring within CS-VUE, project managers, maintenance contractors and day-to-day operators will be able to effectively manage organisation-wide compliance.

Long-term overviews and short-term action points

CS-VUE allows managers and decision-makers to analyse both the big picture and the minute details for effective consent management and environmental performance reporting, no matter how complex the marine operation.

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Explore the industry-specific applications of CS-VUE compliance software. Our sensor integration, data feed automation and extensive compliance monitoring capabilities can streamline the processes of almost any organisation.

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