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Construction & Engineering Compliance Software

CS-VUE simplifies compliance management for planning, building and engineering infrastructure.

Construction and engineering are relatively public-facing industries, and large long-term infrastructure and building projects often face intense scrutiny for their potential impact on the environment and communities. Risk mitigation is crucial to avoid regulatory issues, fines or project cancellations, and to develop a proven track record of compliance to ensure positive public sentiment.

CS-VUE is the ideal platform for construction organisations and engineers; all relevant consents and checklists, along with all relevant environmental performance data and company logs, are available on one streamlined interface. Our platform provides a straightforward solution for managing construction compliance and risk on even the most complex projects.

If you’re a construction or engineering contractor, we’ll take the hard work off your hands.

Prove all of your construction compliance obligations using one platform

Construction and engineering contractors are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the many consents involved in each project they work on. CS-VUE enables these contractors to ensure that they (and their subcontractors) are meeting their obligations and KPIs, and provide a record of this for their client. Several large contractors take advantage of our software while working on large-scale government projects.

All your data in one place with CS-VUE

Digital sensor integration for environmental impact monitoring

CS-VUE coalesces data feeds across all aspects of construction and engineering project management. Integrate digital sensors for EMS software with our platform to accurately record erosion and sediment control, noise, seismic vibrations, dust, emissions, water usage and discharge, waste and land use compliance.


Here are some ways you can use CS-VUE to streamline the compliance and risk management processes involved in construction and engineering.

Straightforward compliance reporting

If your construction or engineering organisation needs to prove your risk mitigation and statutory compliance efforts to regulators or the public, CS-VUE generates user-friendly reports that clearly identify the steps you have taken to maintain your legal and social licence to operate.

Integrate all GRC metrics into one robust platform

CS-VUE allows you to analyse both the big picture and the minute details against all resource consents, legislation and internal processes. No matter how complex the project, CS-VUE software streamlines compliance management in construction and engineering.

Case Study

Prior to engaging CS-VUE, Waka Kotahi (NZTA) relied on a myriad of outdated spreadsheet systems that differed from contract to contract. Given that even routine roading projects can require over 70 consents, a transition to CS-VUE was required to ensure that the NZTA could avoid adverse effects during the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the state highway network. Our software delivers the big-picture overview needed to make key decisions, as well as assess the compliance of individual projects and teams in detail.

Many NZTA construction projects are highly complex; the customisable functionality of our software allows them to set up contracts and conditions that best meet the requirements of each new project.


Explore the industry-specific applications of CS-VUE compliance software. Our sensor integration, data feed automation and extensive compliance monitoring capabilities can streamline the processes of almost any organisation.

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