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Showcase excellence in compliance across all cyber operations and physical assets.

Telecommunications and ICT organisations face regulatory obligations across network management, vertical assets (aerials and masts) resource consents, electromagnetic discharge, airspace management, compliance management, IS systems compliance, cyber security and user management.

Most large corporations also usually have their own policies on IS security in order to mitigate risk and meet their legal obligations to protect the financial information, personal data and other sensitive information of their clients,

Organisations in telco, finance or ICT who need to closely monitor their compliance can integrate legislation and internal policy into the CS-VUE platform, then generate compliance ‘checklists’ for their IS Security programmes, server patching, privacy policies, data back-ups and contingency measures for disasters or system failures.

With CS-VUE, you can not only monitor the compliance of your physical assets and resource use with digital sensors, you can also maintain a detailed record of your data security measures in order to prove to regulators or clients that your systems are as secure as possible.

Cloud based software

Maintain positive regulatory relationships and save money on compliance mishaps

Our cloud-based software enables your organisation to collate and provide an extremely well-documented track record of compliance across all aspects of your operation. CS-VUE integrates photographic evidence, data feeds from digital sensors and manually entered compliance checks for you to prove due diligence internally, to regulators and in public-facing scenarios.


Here are some ways you can use CS-VUE to streamline compliance processes for telecommunications, ICT and finance organisations.

Sensor integration for operational and environmental impact monitoring

Integrate sensor data feeds to monitor meteorological events and the environmental compliance of your physical assets, vehicle movements, construction projects and land use.

Migrate all legislation and internal policy to create customised compliance checks

CS-VUE can be set up to monitor internal IS security updates, incident reporting and any periodic compliance reminders. Organisations can gain insights into their sustainability, profitability and long-term impact. This enables informed investment, resource use and efficient internal processes going forward.

Long-term overviews and short-term action points

CS-VUE allows you to analyse both the big picture and the minute details for effective consent management and environmental performance reporting, no matter how complex the operation.

Straightforward reporting

If you need to prove your risk mitigation and compliance efforts to regulators or the public, CS-VUE generates user-friendly reports that clearly identify the steps you have taken to maintain your legal and social licence to operate.


Explore the industry-specific applications of CS-VUE compliance software. Our sensor integration, data feed automation and extensive compliance monitoring capabilities can streamline the processes of almost any organisation.

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