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Energy & Infrastructure Compliance Software

Streamline your extensive resource compliance obligations with CS-VUE

Nations are continually fortifying their environmental protection legislation in order to meet global climate commitments, reduce toxicity and waste and control the rate of use of resources. Spatial planning, sustainable processes, resource recovery and waste minimisation have never been more important.

It is now crucial for energy and infrastructure organisations to integrate environmental matters into financial planning, business processes, services and strategic decision-making in order to provide evidence to both regulators and the public that they run a responsible and sustainable operation.

CS-VUE provides a dynamic, whole-operation overview of environmental compliance and all GRC metrics for owners and operators of energy generation and distribution systems, and the developers, owners and operators of any large scale infrastructure including wastewater treatment plants, potable water treatment and stormwater networks.

One centralised database.

A cohesive overview of all statutory and regulatory obligations

We work with energy and infrastructure organisations who generate hundreds of consents between 50+ sites. Without CS-VUE, crucial consents and data feeds would likely get lost amongst masses of spreadsheets and paperwork. Our centralised database and analytics software enables individual site managers, resource managers, contractors and key decision makers to fully understand their compliance position across the full scale of their operation.

Track and assess your environmental impact.

Accurately assess your environmental impact

Environmental performance indicators require meticulous monitoring. CS-VUE can integrate with digital sensors to provide real-time data feeds on wastewater and processed water discharge quality and volume,  noise monitoring, seasonal water take, emissions, land use compliance and HASNO metrics.


CS-VUE provides a dynamic, whole-operation overview of environmental compliance for decision-makers and risk managers. The software also allows individual site managers to accurately identify their specific resource consent obligations and associated deadlines and to closely monitor the environmental performance of their site.

Support decision-making with in-depth insights

CS-VUE is a sophisticated solution to ensure that energy and infrastructure organisations are not only compliant, but are able to gain insights into their sustainability, profitability and long-term impact. This enables informed investment, resource use and internal processes going forward.

Maintain an exemplary compliance track record

If you need to prove your risk mitigation and compliance efforts to regulators or the public, CS-VUE generates user-friendly reports that clearly identify the steps you have taken to maintain your legal and social licence to operate.

Access on-location

CS-VUE is a cloud-based software, which means you can access the platform from anywhere. If you are out on site, you are still able to access and record data in real-time. By integrating the relevant sensors and setting up your own internal process monitoring within CS-VUE, project managers, maintenance contractors and day-to-day operators will be able to effectively manage organisation-wide compliance.

Integrate all GRC metrics into one robust platform

CS-VUE allows you to analyse both the big picture and the minute details for effective information systems and internal process management, no matter how complex or expansive the operation.

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Explore the industry-specific applications of CS-VUE compliance software. Our sensor integration, data feed automation and extensive compliance monitoring capabilities can streamline the processes of almost any organisation.

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