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With CS-VUE, EnviroNZ remains confident in their compliance whilst leading their industry in sustainability efforts

EnviroNZ is one of New Zealand’s most successful and highly respected waste services operators. With over 36 sites across New Zealand and a fleet of over 500 vehicles, the organisation manages every step of waste management and HASNO processes from collection and emergency response to treatment, materials repurposing and safe disposal.

EnviroNZ believes strongly in protecting the environment and minimising the use of nonrenewable resources. While they are a fantastic example of sustainable waste management in New Zealand, given the nature of their industry they are still subject to a complex raft of compliance obligations and associated deadlines. They use CS-VUE to ensure and provide evidence of their environmental performance and responsible land use, and to maintain positive relationships with regulators and the communities in which they operate.

EnviroNZ has been using CS-VUE to manage their compliance since 2009. Over the past 13 years, we have developed a bespoke alert system for their team, which facilitates to-the-minute monitoring of their consent conditions, automated reminders and escalation triggers.

Organisation-wide compliance performance management

In 2009, EnviroNZ had no streamlined way of checking that all their sites were up to date with their resource consent obligations. Sites not meeting their regulatory compliance requirements, such as monitoring and reporting on time, were posing a risk to the business and their legal and social licences to operate.

Managing their compliance through CS-VUE enables EnviroNZ to to monitor and action their resource consent requirements. The people who actually undertake the monitoring and reporting, usually on-site technicians or a designated staff member, receive CS-VUE alerts for task completion and sign-off.

We created an email escalation system for EnviroNZ, which means that senior managers are notified if any sites become non-compliant for more than a few days.

Environmental sensor integration to provide real-time data feeds

Across their entire operation, EnviroNZ has hundreds of consents to manage across environmental impact metrics.

The CS-VUE platform can be integrated with almost any brand or type of digital sensor; EnviroNZ takes advantage of this functionality to manage their compliance across hundreds of consents related to environmental impact and resource management.

Using CS-VUE, the EnviroNZ team can coalesce their data on landfill gas monitoring, waste water, groundwater and stormwater quality and volume, chemical discharges, soil health, emissions and vehicle movements.

CS-VUE enables us to keep track of each site’s compliance status and to check that local site staff are doing their required testing and reporting. It provides alerts to ensure that consent requirements aren’t overlooked and reduces the potential for regulatory noncompliance. This helps foster a culture of quality performance and continuous improvement.

Laurence Dolan – Environmental Manager – EnviroNZ